Avoid creative writing cowboys – get expert tuition here

svet4The web today is awash with opportunists seeking to make a fast buck at the expense of those who want to improve their creative writing. Some of their fees are astronomical, yet many have little or no qualification to be teaching others how to write. Since setting up the courses at parkwrite.com, I’ve been keen to provide the same low-price, high-quality creative writing tuition to those further afield than South Wales, particularly those whose writing I feel could be of importance, in a world which increasingly knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

I am therefore offering to provide detailed comment on your short story, novel chapter or story for children, together with sample copy-editing of the first 500 words, for £50. If you are happy to proceed further, I shall provide comment and a full copy-edit on a revised version for just £30. The maximum length is 5,000 words, but if you have a longer piece please contact me. Those who have been on a Parkwrite course, or who are unemployed, qualify for discount: again, contact me.

If you can provide a synopsis and sample chapter of a novel, and I feel this to be of particular interest, we can negotiate a price for similar tuition, depending on how much help you want.

I am also willing to help anyone write better English: anything from a letter to an autobiography. Again, the fee will be negotiable depending on how much work this involves – but always reasonable.

See here for my track record as a tutor and writer. Once I have received payment, simply send me your story and I shall reply within two weeks.

Please note: the title “Storyvet” does not imply I am in any way qualified to operate on your pet.

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